Deborah Robertson's Breastfeeding Specialist Study Days are available to come to your trust or project. Indeed, this can work out a lot more economical than registration and travel expenses if you are thinking about sending several participants to the London Study Days.

The Breastfeeding Specialist Study Days on offer are:

#10 Exploring the Idea of Becoming a Lactation Consultant

#1 Troubleshooting Positioning and Attachment Problems

#2 Parenting Philosophies & Relationships Impacting Breastfeeding

#3 Challenges of Breastfeeding Beyond the Newborn Period

#4 Skills for Counselling the Breastfeeding Mother

#5 Breastfeeding in Difficult Circumstances

#7 Facilitating Fantastic Breastfeeding Groups and Classes

#8 Ethical Issues in Lactation

#9 Breastfeeding Peer Support: Realising Potential and Avoiding Pitfalls

#11 Breastfeeding Clinics and Consultations

#12 Breastfeeding and Food

#6 Mock Lactation Consultant Exam and Revision Strategies 

Programme for each day:

Please see the page 'Programme for each day' to get an idea of the structure of the days and the sessions within them.

Each day (except #6, the mock exam) comprises 4 x 1.5 hour sessions.  Plus there is the option of a half hour final review. So those attending will receive an attendance certificate for 6.0 or 6.5 hours.


Deborah charges £550 per day to present and lead each Study Day, plus expenses. These additional expenses include;

  • £7 per participant (up to a maximum of 20) for the folder accompanying the day.
  • Deborah's travel
  • Deborah's overnight B & B accommodation if you are not near her in Kent.

For your part, you would need to:

  • Provide a suitable venue
  • Arrange refreshments at the morning and afternoon breaks. (Participants can be asked to bring their own lunch.)
  • Recruit participants

You are welcome to make contact to discuss any of this.

PLEASE COMPLETE AND RETURN the attached Planning Sheet

This lets Deborah know what you have in mind, to help structure our planning discussions and to keep us organised.  CLICK here for Planning Sheet


Deborah Robertson IBCLC

01634 814275

34 Rochester Avenue Rochester Kent ME1 2DW