NOW FULLY BOOKED. But people do cancel before the course begins, so please feel free to submit a Booking Form with no payment, clearly marked with a request to go on the WAITING LIST.  This facility is only open to those who will be self-funding as there would be no time to access funding from a trust upon offer of a short-notice cancelled place:  


  • Self-funders can opt for Pay-As-You-Go as long as you send a deposit equal to TWO months study days along with your form.
  • Those who are being funded MUST first get the 2 pieces of info (invoice address & purchase order number) and include these on their booking form.


 As always, Deborah is presenting her popular Breastfeeding Specialist Course, one Saturday per month in LONDON.  This course begins in JULY, timed to meet deadlines for exam entry for those wishing to sit the October 2019 exam to become IBCLCs.  Off-peak train fares at weekends can make this an economical option for those who need to travel to attend.

PRIORITY BOOKING: Priority is given to those who:

  1. Are booking the entire course of 12 days and 12 homeworks
  2. Confirm they will be attending the first day
  3. Have sufficient IT skills to use email for course communication and can compose homework using Word etc


Sat 7th JULY 2018: #10 Exploring the Idea of Becoming a Lactation Consultant / Breastfeeding Specialist

Sat 4th AUG 2018: #1 Troubleshooting Positioning and Attachment Problems

Sat 1st SEPT 2018: #2 Parenting Philosophies & Relationships Impacting Breastfeeding  

Sat 6th OCT 2018: #3 Challenges of Breastfeeding Beyond the Newborn Period

Sat 3rd NOV 2018: #4 Skills for Counselling the Breastfeeding Mother

Sat 1st DEC 2018: #5 Breastfeeding in Difficult Circumstances  

Sat 5th JAN 2019: #7 Facilitating Fantastic Breastfeeding Groups and Classes  

Sat 2nd FEB 2019: #8 Ethical Issues in Lactation  

Sat 2nd MAR 2019: #9 Breastfeeding Peer Support: Realising Potential & Avoiding Pitfalls 

Sat 6th APR 2019: #11 Breastfeeding Clinics and Consultations  

Sat 4th MAY 2019: #12 Breastfeeding and Food  

Sat 1st JUNE 2019: #6 Mock Lactation Consultant Exam and Revision Strategies  


Student Central, University of London (formerly known as ULU), Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY. (Close to Euston/Kings Cross Stations.) 

MAP: London course venue   

BOOKING FORM, London 2018-19  Please click and complete the booking form, then return it with payment to the address on the form.