This page gives the general information that applies to all Breastfeeding Specialist Course and study days. 

The schedules of dates on which the course is running in specific venue(s) are on separate pages.



  • Health Professionals working with breastfeeding mothers and babies.
  • Infant Feeding Co-ordinator post holders.
  • Breastfeeding Counsellors updating skills and knowledge.
  • Candidates preparing for the IBLCE Lactation Consultant exam 
  • IBCLCs seeking continuing education, which can be claimed as individual CERPs when recertifying.



  • 12 study days, one per month
  • A substantial and time-consuming graded homework each month, linked to the study day.
  • Details of session topics (other page) and homework tasks (below)
  • Catch up days are available for any student who missed part of the course in subsequent year(s)
  • Course approval by Lactation Education Accreditation and Approval Review Committee (LEAARC). 


  • Study days combine lectures, games, videos, discussions, handouts, practical demonstrations, dramas, case studies and skills practice
  • Clearly linking theory to everyday work with breastfeeding mothers and babies 
  • There is variety and we have fun!  
  • Every study day and homework includes multiple choice questions to test recall and problem solving around that month's topics, thus providing great practice for "The Exam."


  • See other pages for details of the number of hours awarded for each day and homework that appear on certificates of attendance/completion. 
  • Those completing all 24 parts are awarded the 120 hour LEAARC Approved Breastfeeding Specialist Course diploma.
  •  Course scheduled so students complete the 90 hours required before IBLCE exam entry deadline. 

GRADED HOMEWORK: is part of the comprehensive lactation course, which totals 120 hours as approved by the LEAARC.  70 hours are taught in class and 50 hours are graded homework.  A minimum of 90 hours breastfeeding education certificates are needed by exam candidates.  Full details of the tasks set for homework for each study days are available upon request from Deborah.

To complete the homework, students need to buy the course textbook (currently under review for the course beginning July 2020 and students will be advised which book to buy shortly before the course begins).


COST (Please see the current application form on the web page for the course you are interested in):

  • Your employer can be invoiced if they have agreed to grant funding.
  • There are generous concessions for those who self-fund.
  • Further discounts are available for UNWAGED breastfeeding volunteer Breastfeeding Counsellors.
  • There is a PAY-AS-YOU-GO option, on the condition that you always remain one study day in credit.

TIME: 9am - 5pm with a 45 minutes break for lunch.

REFRESHMENTS: Morning and afternoon tea/coffee with croissant/biscuits are included in the course fee. 

CANCELLATIONS: Students may cancel up to two weeks beforehand to receive a refund less 20% admin fee. A student may send an eligible substitute in their place without any extra cost. In the unlikely event that I would be unable to provide a Study Day for which I have received bookings I would provide a full refund to each student and then re-schedule the day so students would have another opportunity to attend that part of the programme.

BABIES AT STUDY DAYS: Babes in arms are welcome if the mum agrees to step outside the room if her baby becomes noisy and participants are no longer able to hear, be heard or to concentrate. The Study Days are not suitable or safe for mobile babies.

ENQUIRIES: You are welcome to contact Deborah with any questions you may have. Phone: 01634 814275. Email:

BOOKING: Please complete the relevant Application Form for the course you wish to attend (see relevant page).